Rawan Rihani, Flower Queen

May 6, 2015 | Inspiration

If anyone knows flowers, it’s Rawan Rihani. This bloom-thumbed beauty is the femme florale behind the ethereal crowns in the HONOR x Stone Fox Bride campaign and video. She can craft a flower headpiece with such ease and grace that you’d think it grew out of the ground like that. We spoke with her about essential oils, botanical gardens and the attitude you need to live in New York.

Tell us about your workspace.

My workspace is very peaceful and full of plants. I live in my working studio currently, and I try to keep my studio really calm and peaceful. I try to make it feel like an escape from the city, and always have music on. My studio is filled with work in progress for Stone Fox Bride as well as canvases for paintings and weavings and shelves filled with shells, beads, feathers, vases, crystals, and dried flower crowns.

Signature scent?

My signature scent would probably be the “Love” roll-on oil by Auric Blends from Whole Foods. I love to also play with mixing different essential oils like lavender and vetiver, and make my own perfumes blending some of them together. I also love the Cedrus scent by Fiele Fragrances and also Moonshine by Sisters of the Black Moon they both have a very earthy/woodsy feeling to them that bring me to the mountains.

Favorite outdoor pastime?

I love going to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens and soaking up some sun while walking through the different gardens there.

If you could swap lives with someone for a day, who would it be?

I wouldn’t. I would never want to swap lives, I’m engaged to an amazing man, and have a beautiful cat I cuddle with everyday, have an amazing family and have the freedom to make and create everyday. I wouldn’t want to lose that even for a day.

Describe living in New York in one word.

Compromise. Living in New York has always and still is compromise. Although, I do what I love, and love my life, living in NY is a compromise, everything is a compromise here, but what you get back is worth what you put in and worth dealing with it.

Song you can’t get out of your head lately?

“Be Mankan” by Ali Farka Toure This song is following me everywhere and I’m addicted to it. Its so beautiful and passionate and raw and gorgeous. Also, “Gnosis” by Fancy Colors, this song was written by my fiancee Zac Colwell, and the drummer/ co-collaborator of Fancy Colors, David Heilman just made a beautiful music video for this song. It makes me feel like I’ve been in the sun all day at the beach and sun-dazed and happy.

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